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Shedd Aquarium Training Programs

Laura has participated in the wonderful Trainer for a Day and Beluga Whale Encounter programs offered locally by Chicago's Shedd Aquarium to enhance her knowledge and skills in reinforcement training.

Reinforcement training using a whistle has long been used in the marine mammal field. As this method of training entered the domestic dog training field years later it is the clicker which is now being used with dogs for reinforcement training. This theory is now gaining strength in dog training; in fact any sentient being can benefit from this peaceful, harm-free, force-free, respectful approach.

What better way to connect with her original training techniques than to strap on some waders and get in the water!

The Trainer for a Day and Beluga Whale Encounter sessions at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago provide an amazing opportunity to work with these intelligent and amazing creatures.

Beluga Whale Encounter 2011

Shedd Aquarium Training Program

Trainer for a Day 2009


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